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Repair, Maintenance


  • use only commercially available cleaning products without abrasives to clean the faucets
  • limescale cleaners are suitable (eg Cif and Cilit brand cleaners)
  • the cleaner must not contain substances based on active chlorine
  • after cleaning, the faucets must be rinsed with clean water and wiped dry

Instructions for replacing the ceramic headwork in a classic faucet:

Headwork / ceramic headwork:

  • instructions for dismantling the headwork / ceramic headwork of the Morava, Morava Retro, Morava Bronze series - see in appendix
  • take special care when handling visible parts of the faucet to avoid a mechanical damage
  • any damage on the surface will void to the product's surface end of warranty

Instructions for replacing the ceramic top in the thermostatic mixer:

Bidet shower repair instructions:

If there is weak pressure in the overhead shower:

Exchange switch in spout:

Removing the saddle:by hexagon key 10mm

For products SE843 a SE843/1

For product- LABE STARÁ MOSAZ L581.5SM

The dimensions indicated in the drawing are for informational purposes only. The actual dimensions of the products may differ from those indicated in the drawing! Check with the manufacturer!

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