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About Us

About our company

Slezák - RAV CZ  s.r.o. is a Czech company. The name of our company is very iportant to us, therefore we make sure, that our customers are always satisfied. Bathrooms are our hobby, that´s why you can find great selection of top products, that would make your bathroom more attractive, but you can always rely on them as well. That´s why we offer a warranty above standard. Our strongest side is wide offer of water taps, that can be also  customized.

Apart from common water taps we produce

  • Special bathroom faucets
  • Sensor taps
  • Water heater mixers
  • Shower box mixers
  • Design taps
  • Showers for outdoor swimming pools
  • Other water taps and custom made taps
  • Bathroom accessories

How our products are made

The quality of our products is ensured by specialized engineering departement, CNC progammers and team of skilled operators. That´s why we can afford to work to participace on interesting customized projects.

Cartridges for most of our products come from Hungarian company Kerox. All types of our water taps can be delivered with saving cartridges and most products have chrome finish. We offer gold and bronze finish as well.

Since 2014 we offer products decorated by cut glass crystals from a jewelry producer Preciosa a.s.

And finally warranty, you have never even dreamed of

  • Warranty on Slezák - RAV CZ s.r.o. products is 10 years (Tightness of bodies of water taps).
  • Warranty 6 years since the purchase date - for cartridges (except termostatic) and  surface of a water tap with chrome or gold surface (peel-off surface).
  • Warranty 2 years  surface old brass, white, black , old brass(bronze) surface.

Save water!
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Saving water isn´t difficult,

with SLEZÁK - RAV CZ s.r.o.

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